• Hair
  • Something I’ve never done with my hair before… (Tons of pictures- so if you are still on dial-up, well, too bad because that is just ridiculous)

    Followed through with something from Pinterest? Nope. I have actually done quite a few projects from there but none worth sharing lol. I actually decided to CUT MY OWN HAIR. First, let me tell you- my hair is insane. It is THICK and frizzy/curly/wavy and it’s LONG. It had been almost a full year since […]

  • Fun Stuff :)
  • Question Mental Illnesses.

    So my dad is one of those people that goes to work and during frequent small breaks, he either naps or forwards emails. (Hey, he’s been working a LONG time, he deserves the naps… but oh dear GOD, the number of forwards…) He sent one this morning about “Questions that Haunt” and seriously, there are […]

  • Family
  • Bringing it back…

    Not so much the “sexy”… but I am definitely bringing back this blog. It’s been over 4 years and I am having to reteach myself wordpress and html and all that other stuff. Honestly, maybe I’m just getting old and once I forgot how to do it, it’s twice as hard to learn the second […]