Here we go… or not… Military PCS – Permanent Change of Station Move

Pretty Much.
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For almost 3 years now, I’ve been waiting for this moment. The Marine has his orders and now I am FREAKING OUT. The thing is, this is an overseas station and along with all of my “collecting” (don’t say hoarding… these things MEAN something to me!!!) and the amount of “stuff” we have just accumulated over the years, this is going to be tough. What do we sell? What do we store in a storage here in the US? And what do we take? Since it isn’t the first time we’ve been overseas, we somewhat know what is available to us once we are over there, but, honestly, ugh… I hate this whole process. You’d think I was used to it, but I’m not!

Another thing, both boys are in school and this move is supposed to take place in April. I would like for us to stop off in our hometown to see family before we head out, but what am I supposed to do about their schooling? What I think I might do, since I’ve already signed up for Homeschool in this state, is contact the School Liaison at our local base and ask about possibly homeschooling them for the rest of their current grades so that they are not behind for the next school year? I guess I kind of need to figure this out….

The thing is, when I get overwhelmed by the amount of things I worry about… I tend to shut down and not do any of them. It’s not by choice, believe me. If I could just tell myself to get up and get it done and actually follow through, I would do it. Instead, I sit here, tell myself what I NEED to do and what I SHOULD do and think about how I’m going to go about doing them… but then something flashes in my head or I get distracted and I worry about how to go about doing those things, and worry if I know the right way to do it. Then after I’ve sat here contemplating myself, it’s time to run to get the boys from school or go grocery shopping…. or head to my doctor appointment that starts in 20 minutes! AAAAAH!

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