Is Chapstick the new gateway drug?!

I read this article yesterday since I actually had to google “chapstick ban in elementary school” and it made me laugh so I thought I’d share.

I was told yesterday that my oldest was not allowed to have chapstick at school… and once again, I’m the “crazy mom” because I just want to know WHY? I mean, at the time, I’m thinking, my child’s lips are raw and cracked from being out in his trailer classroom with a heater running nonstop. It was a tube of CHAPSTICK brand Chapstick. It wasn’t HOMEMADE, it was brand new and I put his frickin’ name on it. He normally keeps his chapstick in his backpack but after 5 days at home, he had taken it out and left it at home.

So there are other people in the office that wouldn’t make eye contact with me when it became clear that I was not ok with this whole thing.  So I asked the office attendant (secretary? hell I don’t even know her job title) if he needed a Dr’s note to have the chapstick and she said, “you can put it on him and take it home with you, or leave it with the nurse so she can apply it when he needs it.” Are you kidding me?! He’s 11 years old. He can put it on himself. What kind of power trip are these people on in these schools?

It just so happened that my son’s class was coming inside and down the hall to go to their extracurricular class, so I walked out of the office and asked his teacher if it was okay with her for my son to have his chapstick since I was just informed it wasn’t “allowed.” His teacher says, “If he knows how to use it, then I do not mind at all.” Um, yeah, he knows how to use chapstick so thanks. I handed him his chapstick and left the school, shaking me head, per usual.

So I’m curious, are you aware of a valid reason for banning chapstick from schools? I really am curious to know.


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