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Here we go… or not… Military PCS – Permanent Change of Station Move

February 1, 2016 at 11:47 am

Pretty Much.
Image Courtesy: www.nextgenmilspouse.com

For almost 3 years now, I’ve been waiting for this moment. The Marine has his orders and now I am FREAKING OUT. The thing is, this is an overseas station and along with all of my “collecting” (don’t say hoarding… these things MEAN something to me!!!) and the amount of “stuff” we have just accumulated over the years, this is going to be tough. What do we sell? What do we store in a storage here in the US? And what do we take? Since it isn’t the first time we’ve been overseas, we somewhat know what is available to us once we are over there, but, honestly, ugh… I hate this whole process. You’d think I was used to it, but I’m not!

Another thing, both boys are in school and this move is supposed to take place in April. I would like for us to stop off in our hometown to see family before we head out, but what am I supposed to do about their schooling? What I think I might do, since I’ve already signed up for Homeschool in this state, is contact the School Liaison at our local base and ask about possibly homeschooling them for the rest of their current grades so that they are not behind for the next school year? I guess I kind of need to figure this out….

The thing is, when I get overwhelmed by the amount of things I worry about… I tend to shut down and not do any of them. It’s not by choice, believe me. If I could just tell myself to get up and get it done and actually follow through, I would do it. Instead, I sit here, tell myself what I NEED to do and what I SHOULD do and think about how I’m going to go about doing them… but then something flashes in my head or I get distracted and I worry about how to go about doing those things, and worry if I know the right way to do it. Then after I’ve sat here contemplating myself, it’s time to run to get the boys from school or go grocery shopping…. or head to my doctor appointment that starts in 20 minutes! AAAAAH!

Is Chapstick the new gateway drug?!

January 22, 2016 at 9:58 pm

I read this article yesterday since I actually had to google “chapstick ban in elementary school” and it made me laugh so I thought I’d share.

I was told yesterday that my oldest was not allowed to have chapstick at school… and once again, I’m the “crazy mom” because I just want to know WHY? I mean, at the time, I’m thinking, my child’s lips are raw and cracked from being out in his trailer classroom with a heater running nonstop. It was a tube of CHAPSTICK brand Chapstick. It wasn’t HOMEMADE, it was brand new and I put his frickin’ name on it. He normally keeps his chapstick in his backpack but after 5 days at home, he had taken it out and left it at home.

So there are other people in the office that wouldn’t make eye contact with me when it became clear that I was not ok with this whole thing.  So I asked the office attendant (secretary? hell I don’t even know her job title) if he needed a Dr’s note to have the chapstick and she said, “you can put it on him and take it home with you, or leave it with the nurse so she can apply it when he needs it.” Are you kidding me?! He’s 11 years old. He can put it on himself. What kind of power trip are these people on in these schools?

It just so happened that my son’s class was coming inside and down the hall to go to their extracurricular class, so I walked out of the office and asked his teacher if it was okay with her for my son to have his chapstick since I was just informed it wasn’t “allowed.” His teacher says, “If he knows how to use it, then I do not mind at all.” Um, yeah, he knows how to use chapstick so thanks. I handed him his chapstick and left the school, shaking me head, per usual.

So I’m curious, are you aware of a valid reason for banning chapstick from schools? I really am curious to know.


Let the Kids Stretch – for crying out loud!

November 13, 2015 at 10:26 pm

In order for children to learn, they need to be able to pay attention.
In order to pay attention, we need to let them move.

This article, “Why so many kids can’t sit still in school today” is a very interesting read. For the first month of school, my 6 year old was coming home and complaining about his back hurting. He said that they had to sit on the carpet for reading time for a “long” time. I told him that every few minutes he should try to stretch his back by taking a deep breath and sitting up straight or rolling his shoulders back. He came home the next day and told me that they were not “allowed” to move around during reading time. Seriously? 1st graders? Give them a frickin’ break and let them STRETCH! Stand up! Wiggle their bodies… I don’t know, but I am on to this crap. The public school system of America is constantly letting me down.

I can only hope that along with myself, there are other parents who realize what is going on in the classrooms today and how it is affecting every single child’s future. You might think that because your child is well-behaved and getting good grades means that there is no issue with the system. But their classmates, who MAY be having any type of issue, whether it be learning, sitting still, behavior, etc., will affect the future of all of our children. Why do we not want what is best for ALL students? Why do parents turn their cheek if THEIR OWN child has no issues… this affects ALL STUDENTS. It sounds so cliché but in case you need to be reminded, our children are the FUTURE, people. Come on.

In order for children to learn, they need to be able to pay attention. In order to pay attention, we need to let them MOVE.

Refuse the “Standardized Tests” of America’s Education

June 6, 2015 at 9:31 pm


This is an article from March 2014 and yet, it is STILL going on with the tests! Why?! I know this is about Texas, but it is happening everywhere (we are currently in North Carolina). Parents disagreeing with the tests but still sending their kids in to take it. WHY?! Stop giving in to them… they are NOT in charge of your child’s education, YOU ARE. It is your right as a parent to guide your child’s education, so why is everyone letting this happen?! Because you can’t figure out how to stop it?? Is that the reason?

I have spent most of the past year educating MYSELF on the reasoning behind these tests and what comes out of them… and there is NOTHING good. I can guarantee you that. On Thursday, I spoke to the principal at my son’s school, who could only say, “it was the law that they MUST administer the test to him.” I asked her for the law articles that stated this and wrote them down. She then told me that I should contact the district (the reason she told me to contact them was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard someone say…. but I’m not even going public with that comment.) She told me to call her the next day after I heard back from the district. Later Thursday night, I looked up the law articles and they were COMPLETELY irrelevant to our refusal of the tests.

Friday morning, I called the district and was told that the superintendent wouldn’t be in the office until Tuesday. So then I spoke with the “Director of Elementary Services” and was told that he would get the correct policy and be in contact with the Principal of my son’s school. I gave him an hour or so, and then called the school to speak with the Principal… and what do you know? She was out of the office for that day. SHOCKING. At this point, I called Raleigh and the State Department of Education. I was given the runaround about 3 times and then finally spoke with someone who could give me answers. After dealing with all of that for HOURS and writing MANY notes, it still didn’t make ANY sense to have my child given this ridiculous excuse for a test. I will not give in to their skewed reasoning and just let my child sit in a room for a test that is insignificant and detrimental to his education.

Not one of the people I spoke to could give me a valid reason of the “law” or “policy” behind these tests, so you know what? Still refusing. And when they said, “Well, if he comes into school after the test days, we will pull him out of class and he will have to sit with the test in front of him for the estimated amount of finishing time — 180 minutes for math, 180 minutes for reading.” Nope. Not going to happen. So because we REFUSE to take these tests and the only way to refuse them and trust that they won’t shove it in his face for 5 days, I will be withdrawing him from school for the last 5 days.

And you know what? It doesn’t affect him at all to miss those days. It doesn’t affect his grade or his promotion to 5th grade– supposedly, it only affects the school’s “state report card” and 1 of 6 evaluations of his teacher because his name has already been printed on to an answer sheet. I could give 2 shits about the school’s “state report card” because that is a simple snapshot of ONE day of work by these children… and even though it is only 1 of 6 evaluations of his teacher, that bothers me the most. She is a great teacher, she has done the best job with the situation she has been in… (30 kids in her class, outside in an “overflow” trailer)… this whole thing DISGUSTS me. I will refuse this year and continue to refuse in the future until something is changed for the better. Not only for our children being put through this crap education but the teachers who are forced to teach in a way that may cause them to feel threatened.

I will also continue to post my personal feelings in order to educate those who may not be able to understand all that is going on. I would hope that every parent at least CARES and sees the mistakes that the government and the administrators of education are making. Many parents have fought this crap for years and now I will join them and NOT stop until there is good change. Not a “change” that changes the name and keeps everything else the same… but a REAL change – for the better education of all children.

For those who agree with me, I ask that you step up, speak up and be the advocate your child and other children need.