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Refuse the “Standardized Tests” of America’s Education

June 6, 2015 at 9:31 pm


This is an article from March 2014 and yet, it is STILL going on with the tests! Why?! I know this is about Texas, but it is happening everywhere (we are currently in North Carolina). Parents disagreeing with the tests but still sending their kids in to take it. WHY?! Stop giving in to them… they are NOT in charge of your child’s education, YOU ARE. It is your right as a parent to guide your child’s education, so why is everyone letting this happen?! Because you can’t figure out how to stop it?? Is that the reason?

I have spent most of the past year educating MYSELF on the reasoning behind these tests and what comes out of them… and there is NOTHING good. I can guarantee you that. On Thursday, I spoke to the principal at my son’s school, who could only say, “it was the law that they MUST administer the test to him.” I asked her for the law articles that stated this and wrote them down. She then told me that I should contact the district (the reason she told me to contact them was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard someone say…. but I’m not even going public with that comment.) She told me to call her the next day after I heard back from the district. Later Thursday night, I looked up the law articles and they were COMPLETELY irrelevant to our refusal of the tests.

Friday morning, I called the district and was told that the superintendent wouldn’t be in the office until Tuesday. So then I spoke with the “Director of Elementary Services” and was told that he would get the correct policy and be in contact with the Principal of my son’s school. I gave him an hour or so, and then called the school to speak with the Principal… and what do you know? She was out of the office for that day. SHOCKING. At this point, I called Raleigh and the State Department of Education. I was given the runaround about 3 times and then finally spoke with someone who could give me answers. After dealing with all of that for HOURS and writing MANY notes, it still didn’t make ANY sense to have my child given this ridiculous excuse for a test. I will not give in to their skewed reasoning and just let my child sit in a room for a test that is insignificant and detrimental to his education.

Not one of the people I spoke to could give me a valid reason of the “law” or “policy” behind these tests, so you know what? Still refusing. And when they said, “Well, if he comes into school after the test days, we will pull him out of class and he will have to sit with the test in front of him for the estimated amount of finishing time — 180 minutes for math, 180 minutes for reading.” Nope. Not going to happen. So because we REFUSE to take these tests and the only way to refuse them and trust that they won’t shove it in his face for 5 days, I will be withdrawing him from school for the last 5 days.

And you know what? It doesn’t affect him at all to miss those days. It doesn’t affect his grade or his promotion to 5th grade– supposedly, it only affects the school’s “state report card” and 1 of 6 evaluations of his teacher because his name has already been printed on to an answer sheet. I could give 2 shits about the school’s “state report card” because that is a simple snapshot of ONE day of work by these children… and even though it is only 1 of 6 evaluations of his teacher, that bothers me the most. She is a great teacher, she has done the best job with the situation she has been in… (30 kids in her class, outside in an “overflow” trailer)… this whole thing DISGUSTS me. I will refuse this year and continue to refuse in the future until something is changed for the better. Not only for our children being put through this crap education but the teachers who are forced to teach in a way that may cause them to feel threatened.

I will also continue to post my personal feelings in order to educate those who may not be able to understand all that is going on. I would hope that every parent at least CARES and sees the mistakes that the government and the administrators of education are making. Many parents have fought this crap for years and now I will join them and NOT stop until there is good change. Not a “change” that changes the name and keeps everything else the same… but a REAL change – for the better education of all children.

For those who agree with me, I ask that you step up, speak up and be the advocate your child and other children need.

FRUSTRATED: Available Online College Courses

January 28, 2015 at 2:05 pm

Look, I get it, not EVERYTHING is easy to teach online. You can’t earn the experience you need if you are taking a biology lab, and what?! What else is there hard to learn online? My mind is blank because I’m about to lose it… did I mention I’m frustrated?! And even if it is just a few credits, have they not heard of using a close school as a “visiting school.”

I am trying to get a Bachelor’s (or Associates, at this point) degree in GRAPHIC DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, or INTERIOR DESIGN… all computer related.  I even have some credits from previous years in college and yet, I can NOT find any available online college courses or school that offers a degree that is fully online (well besides ONE, and that one is WAY too much $$).

I am seriously so frustrated I could SCREAM. How can they offer so many other online courses (Business, Healthcare, even a MASTER’S OF FINE ARTS for Interior Design), yet I can’t even get a Bachelor’s! What in the hell is going on?!

I want to freaking SCREAM! I went to the college advisor today and he gave me a website to check and I’ve looked at all the ones that are “Distant Learning Only” and nothing. NOTHING. I know, I know, “Supply and Demand” whatever… but WHAT THE FRENCH EFFING TOAST?! There have to be more people who feel me and who are trying to do this also.


I am a military wife, I need to take classes online because I don’t know where the hell we will be in 2 years, also, I have 2 boys, one of which is somewhat special needs so I need the flexibility to take him to his appointments.

Does anyone have any advice?! Has anyone ever taken online courses towards a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from an accredited school? Help. HELP!!!!!

Technically, I didn’t lie. I am back.

January 15, 2015 at 10:11 am

It just took me longer than I originally had planned. The hubs was deployed, the boys were on summer break, my mom came to visit…. then school started up and life was just crazy.

2015 is here and I am hoping that I can keep this blog going as much as possible. I need the outlet. I need to just “talk” and I know I drive everyone else crazy around me with my “talking too much” so maybe the blog/journal should be back, right?!

I think so. It’s just a matter of carving out the time for myself and writing down my feelings. That’s where it gets hard for me. Most days I think to myself, this would be great for a blog post… I should remember to blog this… and I never do and then I forget. So blah blah blah… I’m back! Or am I?! haha….

Something I’ve never done with my hair before… (Tons of pictures- so if you are still on dial-up, well, too bad because that is just ridiculous)

April 7, 2014 at 1:26 pm

Followed through with something from Pinterest? Nope. I have actually done quite a few projects from there but none worth sharing lol.

I actually decided to CUT MY OWN HAIR. First, let me tell you- my hair is insane. It is THICK and frizzy/curly/wavy and it’s LONG. It had been almost a full year since my last hair cut and I just hadn’t found “that” place around here that had great reviews and I could trust them with my mess hair. 

So I went to YouTube and found a few tutorials and came across this one where her hair was similar to the length and thickness of mine so I decided to try it. (Plus, I thought she was really pretty and knew what she was talking about. lol)

It was a really good tutorial but I have to say (and maybe this is obvious) but if you have curly hair, it’s not really the greatest tutorial to follow. I would pull my hair to the ends and compare to my “guide” but the longer hairs would curl up and I was like “OH CRAP WHERE IS MY GUIDE?!”

Another thing, I’m right-handed and unlike some other right handers, my left hand is almost completely USELESS. When I started to pull my hair straight to the tips it would start shaking while my right hand was coming at it with the scissors. It was pretty intense.

All in all though, a good hour and a half later, I did have my hair trimmed with long layers and I was actually quite proud of myself!

So here we go with some pictures.

This was my hair worn “au natural” curls (frizz) a little over a year ago, I’m in the middle if you can’t tell. (we were playing an AWFUL baby shower game… lol)Natural Curl/Frizz

And here is a picture of it freshly cut and blow dried. Pay no attention to the white balance of this photo, my face isn’t ALWAYS this pink (but sometimes, yes, yes it is).

freshcut 2012


And since that takes a while to blow dry and “fancy up” I tend to just pull it back in a pony tail and wrap it around a few times to keep it from blowing crazy all over. So when I let my hair down Saturday evening, I thought to myself, I’m just going to do it. Just trim it up and take some weight off. It can’t be *that* hard. And I would say, it really wasn’t too hard. It was just a quick trim and my hair feels lighter and my ends look WAY better. So here is the before…

And here is the during…. mainly during a “holy shit, I’ve started, now I must finish” step….2014 04 05 Hair During

And then afterwards, my hair was screaming to go frizzy… like it just felt so lightweight and happier that it could have made itself into an afro and had a disco party on my head (but I obviously had to call that off and use some leave-in conditioner in it- so believe it or not, this is it CALM)

So the next day, I couldn’t take it and straightened my hair with my fave straightener. (I’ve gone through 3 in the past 15 years, I LOVE them). Also, my mom and her friends (she was having a sorority girls’ getaway, yes you read that right) said I needed to smile so here is the official after. Smile and all. :)2014 04 06 After straight

So there ya go. If I can cut my own hair, anyone can. LOL It is definitely something I will do in the future also. And the husband thinks it looks marvelous but I think that’s just because he’s a MAJOR cheap ass and happy I didn’t spend any money 😉